The Stanley NT500™ Software

Setting new industry standards for performance, flexibility and ease of use. Opening the borders between the converging worlds of traditional access control and network-based IP solutions, it installs easily on existing hardware to reliably and cost effectively solve your on-line, real-time access control requirements.


Designed to offer the educational industry a new standard of performance, The NT500™ is able to help facilities and institutions maximize productivity by enabling ease of mobility while still providing a secure and protected environment. In addition, the NT500™ incorporates specialized features to facilitate the access and movement of disabled individuals.


Specifically developed for K-12 educational facilities, the NT500™ secures perimeter doors and classrooms through a distributed network architecture that allows client workstations and field controllers to be placed directly on their existing network. In addition, the NT500 ™ is able to adapt to existing and legacy computer systems and infrastructure, eliminating the need to upgrade to newer computers in order to run the NT500™ software.


With intuitive functionality and simplified installation, the NT500™ is an ideal turnkey security solution. Built on Microsoft's .NET platform, the NT500™ offers a unique flexibility and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP-based software. The result is an advanced and modular access control solution that offers alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and ID production delivered in one seamlessly integrated solution with a “no compromises” performance value proposition.


Access Control
The innovative access and alarm server of the NT500™ delivers the only integrated TCP/IP interface in the industry. Users can manage access control decisions independently from their PC and/or other controlling devices, to monitor alarms and direct control for maximum protection. The NT500™ has the capability to be connected to a host computer for system configuration as well.


ID Badges
The NT500™ supports industry standard ID card technologies and has cutting-edge image compression and enhancements to provide personnel with high-resolution pictures on ID badges. While supporting up to 15 PC clients and up to 75,000 cardholders, this feature is ideal for personnel who are given the authority to manage access to their own controlled areas.Area Management


The Area Manager™ application is ideal for use in corporate or campus environments where higher security or greater control is required in individual parts of the building. This application allows the user to supervise access in certain areas and identifies personnel who have access to those areas as well.


A key function to the Area Manager™ application is the Area Airlock™, which manages interlocking of doors into an area with traffic light feedback enabling the ability to proceed at any door. Also, the Area Manager™ limits the number of times a key holder can enter an area, which is particularly ideal for sporting events or use at social clubs.


Applications also include a sophisticated, anti-passback control with support for multiple fail over scenarios and supervisor access at all times as well as elevator control.


Event To Action Manager

The Event to Action Manager, allows events within the system to be mapped to a variety of corresponding actions. Events sourced from controllers, areas, doors, cardholders and alarm points can be used as triggers to the system. Areas can be armed, disarmed, locked and opened. Doors can be locked, secured and opened. Outputs can be triggered and emails can be sent to inform users of activity.

NT500T Software

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