CORMAX Patented Keying Systems

Selecting the right patented keying system has been anything but simple until now. BEST CORMAX, the premier patented keying system offered by Stanley Security Solutions, meets all of your exact needs for high security, key control, and convenience an uncomplicated decision with no compromising allowed!










The BEST CORMAX Patented Keying System is available in two series of keyways: M series and X series. Each series offers a
different blend of features to meet your needs while optimizing security and maximizing convenience.

M Series Keyway Features

  • Four keyways in one family.
  • M Series CORMAX keys operate both CORMAX and BEST standard cores (backward compatibility) with J, K, L, and M keyways. BEST standard keys do not operate CORMAX cores.
  • Available in large bow, long blade, and long nose key blanks to work with special applications.
  • Enables seamless, phase-in upgrades in large facilities and multi-building campuses since CORMAX cores can be installed in openings demanding higher security while keeping the existing BEST cores in the remaining areas.



X Series Keyway Features

  • Twelve keyways organized in three families. More keyway families to be added in the future.
  • CORMAX incorporates existing BEST MX8 X Serieskeyways (XA, XB, XC, XD).
  • X Series CORMAX keys only operate CORMAX cores.
  • X Series keyways are unique to CORMAX offering even higher key duplication protection.
  • Thicker key blanks with larger bow for added strength and easier handling.
  • Recommended for new facilities and new buildings in multi-building campuses.




  • CORMAX cores and keys are available exclusively through Stanley sales offices. Key blanks are only sold to individuals
    authorized by the Customer, and only after validating the individual is an authorized purchaser to maximize key control as per
    Stanley Security Solutions’ Key Control Policy.
  • CORMAX Patented Keying System is protected by utility patent number 7,681,425 (expiration May 2027).
  • CORMAX is the upgrade path for existing BEST standard and BEST MX8 systems, and is available in 6-pin and 7-pin sizes.
  • CORMAX offers several levels of geographical exclusivity, including national exclusivity, based on purchasing volume; and all
    geographical levels are protected against unauthorized distribution.
  • CORMAX keyways are organized in families of four keyways each, and two multi-milled key levels are available for each family
    facilitating the design of masterkey systems for multi-building campuses.
  • CORMAX cores are certified to meet the security, safety, and reliability requirements of BHMA A156.5 Grade 1. Note: 1CMD/1CXD cores must be used with grade 1 mortise locks, and 1CM/1CX cores may be used with grade 1 cylindrical locks.
    CORMAX cores are compatible with all existing BEST interchangeable core housings, eliminating the need for new or modified locks.
  • Picking and drilling resistance options can be ordered if higher security is desired. Other options such as key trapping, key retaining, dust cover, and wear resistance provide extra flexibility.
  • Nickel silver keys and steel clips ensure long and reliable operation. Individually-capped core pin chambers allow minimum
    re-pinning labor. Standard combination kits and key cutting equipment minimize your required investment.


Patented Keying

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