Key Core Control


The Best Access System Keystone® 600N5 key and core control software offers all of the same security, convenience, and functionality found in the original Keystone® 600 program, but with the added ability to operate in a network configuration. Keystone® 600N5 will assist you with the tedious task of managing your key and core records in today’s environment, in which multiple people in different locations may need to access the data simultaneously. Designed to operate over modern network environments, such as Windows® NT, XP, Windows® 2000, Windows®2007 and Windows®2008 server (32 and 64 bit) . Keystone® 600N5 includes special help screens that can be accessed whenever you need assistance.

Complex commands and detailed menu trees are eliminated by the function key index at the bottom of each screen. Select the information tab desired and the appropriate screen is called up.Instructions and help screens are immediately available.






  • Password restricted logins enable administration to restrict individuals access for designated cards



  • Designed to support multiple facilities
  • Display people, keys and departments with access to a building
  • Lists departmental access, designating the people, keys and keyrings that have access to that department
  • Displays buildings with doors, cores and locks in the building



  • List all keys and items currently due back (or due back by any day designated)
  • Lists keys that have been issued and keyholders
  • On-screen display of BEST masterkey code records entered
  • Records issuance of keys, keyrings, cores and locks to people
  • Maintains historical records on all keys, keyrings, cores and locks
  • Shows all “keyrings”, keyring holders, and what buildings, cores and doors the keyring accesses
  • Maintains “key cabinet” records displaying the keys, keyrings and locks located on a “hook”
  • Tracks “out-of-service” keys, keyrings and other items that are lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Displays cores, departments, doors, buildings keys can access



  • Lists all cores and their location, buildings and doors
  • Cross-references employees, keys and departments



  • Displays people, keys, keyrings, cores, locks on one record
  • Maintains list of deleted employees (and doors) with the ability to display and reactivate them
  • Searches for and identifies people by name, ID, department, title and type
  • Cross-references people to cores, doors, buildings they access



  • Displays locks, lock location and the people, keys and departments with access to that lock
  • Lists manufacturer product records with items connected specifically to that manufacturer’s product



  • Shows the doors with cores, locks and other items that are installed on the door
  • Displays doors and people, keys and departments that can access those doors


Software – general

  • Comprehensive list of reports available as an on-screen menu
  • Built-in easy-to-use backup program
  • Program always displays date of last backup
  • Lists users who made backups with dates
  • Dynamic searching capability for all records
  • Large note field available on all card records
  • On-screen indicator shows when historical info. is present for a record
  • On-screen indicator appears when notes are present on a record
  • Able to operate in an NTFS network environment with TCPIP protocol
  • Multiple users can access program at same time
  • Stanley service that Import/Append data (Some formats)
  • Mass deletion









Hardware Requirements

The Best Access Systems Keystone® 600N5 Key and Core Control software requires the following minimum hardware configuration for operation:

  • Workstation (client) with12MB fixed disk space with Windows® 98, NT, XP, 2000, Windows®2007 and Windows®2008 server (32 and 64 bit) .
  • Pentium Processor
  • 64MB Memory
  • 12MB Hard drive space
  • CD ROM drive
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • VGA Color monitor
  • Windows® NT, 2000, XP, Windows®2007 (32 and 64 bit) with TCPIP protocol





Automated Pin Segment Calculator

• BEST pin segments generated automatically from information entered into the Keystone® 600N5 program


Manual Pin Segment Calculator

• Simple entry of key cut numbers determines proper pin segments

• Determine single/double shear line combinations

• Security “work slip” feature allows printing of segments for combinating Best products without revealing key cuts

• Accommodates combinating of complex selective Best masterkeying

• Instantly displays Best pin segments for combinating Best cores






Key Core Control

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