Interchangeable Core Security

Control and Convenience
Establishing realistic goals is the first step for any organization that is considering the installation of an access control system. In establishing these goals, two questions, representing two different extremes, must be considered: Do I want "highly controlled access" or do I prefer "convenient access?"

Fortunately, with Best Access Systems, this is not an either/or proposition; you can have the best of both. "Highly controlled access" with our customized master key plan and key control program, and "convenient access" with our interchangeable core. All designed to meet the exact requirements of your facility.


New combinations in seconds
When keys are lost, the Best interchangeable core makes it possible to change lock combinations with minimal effort and cost. You simply remove the core with your system's control key, insert a new core, issue new keys and update your records. There's no need for any lock disassembly or expensive service calls.


Positive key control for any size facility
Just as the BEST interchangeable core gives you security and convenience, our system also gives you efficient control of any size facility employing Best locks. By utilizing our special service equipment, key blanks and cores, you manage the distribution of keys and the updating of all records. Basically, you maintain a recording and filing system which organizes information on locks, keys, doors and personnel. For example, if a key is lost, the system maintains records that show which cores need to be changed and what doors and personnel are affected.


Maintain system manually or by computer

BEST gives you the option of maintaining your system using our successful manual card program or with our K600N computer software package. The K600 is a user-friendly software designed by BEST and modeled after our manual card system for the control of records, keys, cores, doors and personnel. The software is designed so that complex computer skills are not necessary for day-to-day use.


Superior Customer service–worldwide
BEST strongly believes that a product is only as good as the service that supports it. That's why our national and international network of representatives handle Best Access Systems exclusively and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Using their in-depth knowledge, they will survey your facility and design, install and maintain a customized system that fits your present and future needs.


A totally customized system
In an era of "one size fits all" design and manufacturing, BEST gives you the unique opportunity to customize and personalize your own masterkey system. You see, we don't make you fit the system; we make the system fit you. With our plan, the keying requirements for each individual department are easily and functionally met and implemented. Unlike many so-called masterkey systems, the versatile Best plan can allow for future expansion within the original system design.

Our masterkey department continually reviews its records to ensure you that every effort is made to avoid code duplication in your system.


Self-service systems maintenance
In order for your maintenance or security personnel to make changes in the system, the same equipment that we use in our factory is available to you. With our self-service equipment, a member of your security staff becomes your locking security manager. When it becomes necessary to make quick changes in your key access plan, you'll not only save the cost of outside service and time, but security worries will also be greatly reduced.

With BEST's self-service package, you have the capability of combinating or recombinating cores and cutting new keys quickly and economically without compromising security.

The key combinator is especially unique because it eliminates the need for pattern keys. Keys are cut from registered codes which are dialed on the combinator. They are not duplicated from pattern keys - every Best key is an original.

Keystone 600N Software

Keystone 600N Software

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