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BEST SHELTER Gives Littleton Public Schools an Integrated Safety Solution

“SHELTER offers absolute peace of mind to faculty, parents and security personnel in times of distress and for peaceful events when a section of a facility needs to be secured.”

– Guy Grace, Former Director of Security and Emergency Planning, Littleton Public Schools


Like all K-12 schools, the Littleton Public School District in Colorado places the highest priority on school safety whether or not school is in session.


Littleton Public Schools wanted to maintain secure school campuses without creating an atmosphere of fear or sacrificing educational quality. In a district with 22 schools and multiple buildings and facilities, that was a tall order.

“It takes many components working together to keep all building occupants safe,” said Guy Grace, Littleton Public School’s Former Director of Security and Emergency Planning. “Students feel safe. Teachers and staff feel safe. And, the community is comfortable with their loved ones being in the buildings. The products have to complement each space without being intrusive. It’s important that they aren’t a constant reminder of dangers or threats.”


Littleton Public Schools found the BEST SHELTER System, a versatile, scalable mix of electronic access control solutions that can quickly lock down a building, yet provide staff members the ability to lock a specific door.


Grace initially looked to install SHELTER in the library and in open spaces with multiple entrances. But a full survey of school security across the district revealed some unique challenges.

In one elementary school, Grace discovered interconnected spaces that posed a risk in the event of a lockdown. The SHELTER System offered peace of mind in spaces with multiple openings and eliminated unique security risks like this one.

“SHELTER offers absolute peace of mind to faculty, parents and security personnel in times of distress and for peaceful events when a section of a facility needs to be secured,” said Grace. “It helps building occupants go forward with the education process without worrying about security risks, which is absolutely critical to maintain a safe and functional learning environment.”

Today, the Littleton School District uses SHELTER to lock all corridor doors. It’s also used for partitioning buildings for after-hours use. Used in conjunction with dormakaba’s Keyscan access control hardware and software, Littleton School District secures facilities and special areas like gyms, locker rooms and storage spaces to reduce theft and access to hazardous materials.

Complete Safety System, Absolute Peace of Mind

The BEST SHELTER System gives administrators, teachers and students peace of mind knowing that they can secure their school quickly and effectively for whatever reason.

BEST SHELTER System benefits:

Easy Retrofit

SHELTER is wireless, making installation in new and old buildings fast and easy.


SHELTER offers a secure, electronic security solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional wired security systems.

Cloud-Based Flexibility

With SHELTER’s cloud-based software, administrators can easily customize lockdown strategies, enable remote control, and integrate SHELTER into existing security systems.

Code Compliance

SHELTER was designed with school administrators to meet the code requirements faced by learning institutions.

Guaranteed Egress

SHELTER allows those inside classrooms to exit freely during a lockdown.


SHELTER is ready to deploy at any scale, from one door to a group of classrooms, a building or even an entire campus.

Variable Hardware

SHELTER is available with both cylindrical and mortise locks.

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