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Each portal up to

64 Doors

Each Lock up to


Big or Small, No Wires at All

Whatever the scale, from a few doors to an entire complex, Wi-Q can deliver completely wireless electronic access control. A single networkable Wi-Q portal can connect up to 64 doors, while each Wi-Q door lock can handle up to 14,000 credentials.

This wireless access management system consists of:
In Sync with Your System

Upgrading to Wi-Q hardware doesn’t mean you need to change your security management software. Wi-Q is designed to integrate seamlessly with dozens of access control and facility management systems including Lenel OnGuard and Software House C•Cure.



Security Throughout

You’ll find security features throughout the Wi-Q system. The Wi-Q network makes continuous security updates every 60 seconds, while communication between devices employs AES 128-bit encryption. Even the Wi-Q gateway is built to resemble a modern Wi-Fi router so it can hide in plain sight.

Compatible with

Magnetic strips

Smart card readers

Dual validation

A Lock with Smarts

Wi-Q door locks support a variety of lock types including magnetic stripe, smart card readers and dual validation, so you can keep the credential system that works for you. Plus, all access intelligence, is stored inside every lock allowing for the access decision to be made at the point of control for added security.

Smart Locks
Hassle-Free Installation


Save Time. No Wires.

No wires means that installing the Wi-Q system takes a fraction of the time of traditional electronic access systems. With all components integrated into one device, a Wi-Q system takes a fraction of the time of hardwired access to get up and running.

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