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Quickshim Hinges


The right hinge keeps doors properly aligned and operating smoothly.

Introducing Quickshim the commercial grade adjustable hinge.

Quickshim utilizes a patented Twist-to Shim Collar that is designed as a fast solution to binding or sagging doors by squaring doors in a fraction of the time you would need with a standard hinge.

The high quality and durable construction ensures you get the right solution for a wide range of door applications.




Architectural Grade

By building the shims into the leaf, we maintained the structural integrity and durability of the hinge. 

Fire Rated

Enables you to maintain fire rating, because you won’t need to shim with flammable materials. 

Save Money

Since Twist-to-Shim collars adjust with just a few twists, they square doors in a fraction of the time you’d take with a standard hinge, reducing maintenance costs.

Popular Configuration

Quick Shim is available in our most popular 5 knuckle ball bearing designs.

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Retail & Commercial

It enables you to maintain fire rating, because you won’t need to shim with flammable shim materials. Quick shim hinges can work in any environment a door is needed.


Steel-26D 26D: Steel
Stainless-Steel-32D 32D: Stainless Steel

UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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