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D Series


We have the equipment you need to service keys and cores over the life of the key system.

From key combinators and stamp cutters to core capping/decapping press and core/key marking blocks, you’ll be able to combinate a BEST core and generate new keys quickly.


  • Combinating Kits
  • Pin Segments
  • Key Combinators
  • Key Carriages
  • Key Cut Indicator
  • Digital Calibration Gauge
  • Core Capping/Decapping Press
  • Keyway Block-out Kit
  • Core Capping Block
  • Hand Capping Pin
  • Ejector Pin
  • Combinating Tweezer
  • Core and Key Marking Blocks
  • Graphite Gun
  • Combinating Parts Bin
  • Key Marking Plate
  • Number Dies
  • Slide Capping Block
  • QU-I.C-SYSTEM Combinating Tool Packages


The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Look to the D Series for all the equipment you need to service BEST keys and cores in educational applications.


Turn to the D Series for a complete BEST key and core servicing solution for government environments.


Use the D Series to service BEST keys and cores used in healthcare facilities.

Retail & Commercial

Get the D Series for a complete BEST key and core service solution suitable for commercial and retail use.

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