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Mechanical Locks

6K Cylindrical Series


The 6K is a Grade 2 medium-duty cylindrical knob set. Unlike other cylindrical knob sets that are made from weaker metals, the BEST 6K Series is constructed of steel or brass to ensure the overall strength and durability of the lock. The 6K is a commonly used lock for non-ADA compliant applications, such as government and military facilities (barrack doors, base housing, etc.) as well as countries that do not require ADA compliance, such as Latin America.

Mechanical Locks


High Quality

We use top quality materials and construction to manufacture 6K locks. External components are designed for premium aesthetics and security, while internal components are treated for corrosion resistance to ensure long product life.

Enhanced Security

BEST 6K knob sets exceed ANSI Grade 2 requirements for security and reliability. Design features like the 6K’s keyed knob design and strong retractor springs provide better functionality throughout the life of the lock. We designed the 6K series to provide security and peace of mind. Cores must be removed before keyed knobs to deter break-in attempts, and a snap-on inside rose with no exposed screws helps to deter attacks.

Convenient Installation

Install 6K knob sets quickly thanks to design features that make installation, retrofit, and maintenance easy. The 6K series fits standard door preps, a threaded outside rose allows quick door thickness adjustment, and the lock installs easily with only two screws. BEST 6K series locks are field reversible without removing the keyed knob, and retrofit is simple with BEST interchangeable cores.

Greater Flexibility

The 6K series fits a wider range of applications and offers finish options to match any aesthetic. Each 6K lock set comes in four different backsets and seven different finishes.

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Where it Works


Outfit barrack doors, base housing and other government installations with the durable, non-ADA compliant 6K .


Bright Brass Finish Swatch 605 605: Bright Brass
606: Satin Brass
Satin Bronze Finish Swatch 612 612: Satin Bronze
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish Swatch 613 613: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Bright Chrome Finish Swatch 625 625: Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome Finish Swatch 626 626: Satin Chrome

UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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