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Mechanical Locks

40H Mortise Series


When you want the toughest mechanical security for your building, you want the 40H Series from BEST. With its advanced features, improved functionality and unique versatility, this durable mortise lock is reliable and flexible in any commercial or industrial setting.

Heavy duty in both protection and performance, the 40H is the ideal security solution when strength and dependability are required. Free egress and overall security are never compromised. The BEST interchangeable core allows for customized master keying and quick keying changes. And its tough steel frame accommodates heavy traffic, while standing strong against break-in attempts. All the while, the 40H remains a low maintenance product that is easy to reconfigure and easy to install.

Mechanical Locks


Universal Case Design 

Allows you to not only change the handing of the lock on-site, but reconfigure it to a variety of functions at the same time – all without ever opening the lock case.

Visual Indicators

Allow you to know at a glance if a door is secured; options include a thumb turn, laminate and a keyed cylinder (for use with intruder function).

Various Trim Designs

Allows you to transform the 40H into an appealing accent for the opening.

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Use the 40H in schools and campus buildings for durable, high-level security that allows for free egress.


Deploy the 40H in government buildings for high-level mechanical security and long-lasting durability.


Install the 40H in healthcare settings for high-security and durability with free egress and an optional antimicrobial coating.

Retail & Commercial

Enable quick key changes, allow for free egress and enjoy long-lasting deployment in commercial spaces with the 40H.


Bright Brass Finish Swatch 605 605: Bright Brass
606: Satin Brass
Satin Bronze Finish Swatch 612 612: Satin Bronze
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish Swatch 613 613: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel Finish Swatch 619 619: Satin Nickel
Bright Chrome Finish Swatch 625 625: Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome Finish Swatch 626 626: Satin Chrome
Brushed Satin Stainless Steel US32D Finish Swatch 630 630: Satin Stainless Steel
Dark Bronze Coated Finish Swatch 690 690: Dark Bronze Coated

UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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