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Electric Hinge Series


BEST Electric Hinge Series product line offers three different configurations of standard commercial grade door hardware, making them perfect for multiple applications, including wood and metal doors, medium to heavy weight doors and medium to high frequency usage openings.


Electric Hinge Series
Electric Hinge Series



  • Full mortise only 
  • Heavy Weight and Standard Weight 
  • Limited lifetime warranty for the life of the building 


  • Steel and stainless steel 
  • Non-handed 


  • CE (concealed electric) hinges conduct current regardless of door position to electric locks, exit devices or hold-open devices where a tamper-proof hinge is required 
  • CS (concealed switch) hinges enable you to monitor the door position in order to activate alarms and observe devices where a tamper-proof hinge is required 
  • CECS hinges are equipped with both concealed wires and concealed switches 

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Protect fingers and minimize injuries. Despite time spent checking school doors, it only takes one to put students, staff and property at risk. New or retrofit with a quality and versatile BEST hinge that will last. 


New or retrofit with quality BEST hinges. Save time and money by retrofitting existing doors and frames. No need to start over when installing BEST series hinges.


New or retrofit with quality BEST hinges with special tips specifically designed for hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Retail & Commercial

There’s a hinge to suit virtually every application. BEST Hinges fit doors better and last longer. Available in many styles and models for high-traffic entryways.


Steel-26D 26D: Steel
Stainless-Steel-32D 32D: Stainless Steel

UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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