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Door Closers

SL6000 Series


The SL6000 door closer provides protection against fatigue and abrasion. This Grade 1 certified closer is built to meet the requirements of ANSI A156.4, comply with barrier-free requirements, can be used with a wide-array of doors and frames.

The SL6000 is available with more than 30 specialty function arms, a range of mounting plates, and brackets, as well as a wide selection of painted finishes. It is an ideal selection for durability, versatility and value designed to withstand daily use in lighter-traffic environments within any building design.

Door Closers


Simple To Adjust

Spring power adjustment for a range of application challenges.

Lasting Strength

Quality built to enhance strength and durability.

Durable Construction

Automotive-grade silicon alloy construction protects against metal fatigue and abrasion. Exceeds ANSI/BHMA 156.4 Grade 1 certification requirements.

Easy Installation

Snap-on cover provides access to hydraulic and spring adjustment settings.

Easy To Maintain

All-weather hydraulic fluid allows for minimal maintenance.

Valve Markings

Easily identify valve markings cast right into the closer body.

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Aid those with disabilities and prevent injury in lighter-traffic educational situations with SL6000 Series door closers.


Install SL6000 Series door closers to promote smooth ingress and egress through lighter-traffic public spaces and government buildings.


Offer faster emergency assistance and eliminate the spread of bacteria in lighter-traffic healthcare environments with SL6000 Series door closers.

Retail & Commercial

Promote ease of access and prevent wall damage in lighter-traffic commercial spaces with SL6000 Series door closers.

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