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Security Solutions Ready to Serve

Regardless of the scope, you’ll find BEST is ready. Whether you need to develop masterkey infrastructure, leverage the flexibility of BEST’s renowned small format interchangeable locks, or deploy a state-of-the-art electronic access control system across an entire building, BEST provides you with a security solution that meets budget expectations and delivers results.

Procurement Flexibility
Your Procurement Channel Works for Us

Decades of working with the public sector means that BEST has worked through most government procurement channels. When it comes time to initiate a project, we’re ready to work with any of the following:

  • GSA Schedule 84 and Schedule 51V contracts
  • GSA Advantage Online Shopping Portal
  • Government Contracted MROs
  • FSSI Strategic Source BPA
  • DLA Prime Vendors Contractors
  • SDVOB GSA Contract
  • DoD E-Mall
  • COCESS Contractors
  • BOSS Contractors
  • ServMart Contractors
  • Small Business Partners
  • Wholesalers
  • State Contracts and Cooperative Purchasing Contracts
Featured Products

Products Made to Support the Mission

  • Patent prevents unauthorized key duplication until 2027
  • Fits any small format interchangeable core (SFIC)
  • Varying levels of geographic exclusivity for added security
  • Available with swipe card, touch card or pin pad access
  • Works with Keyscan Aurora and Lenel OnGuard
  • Supports individual, offline storage of access activity
  • Compatible with most large format interchangeable key cores
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Heavy-duty durability and proven attack resistance
  • Maximize accessibility in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applications
  • Flexible integration with new or existing systems and actuators
  • Efficient, effective, and easy to use

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With dealers in every major city and region across the United States, you have immediate access to all BEST products.

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