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Reduces Turnover Risk

High Turnover, Low Risk

The high turnover of retail employees and commercial tenants can result in property managers constantly spending precious resources on changing locks. BEST gives you both mechanical and electronic solutions that make changing access to inventory, files and office spaces as easy as sliding in a new key core or clicking a button.

Durability to the Core

BEST hardware is designed to last in even the most challenging high-traffic environments. From door closers and exit devices to hinges and locks, you’ll find products proven to work over millions of cycles, exceeding even the strictest ANSI Grade 1 standards. It all means lower replacement costs and greater savings over the lifespan of deployment.

Featured Products

Products that Mean Better Business

  • Wireless, scalable electronic access control
  • Compatible with most small format interchangeable cores
  • Change credentials and search access history logs with the click of a button
  • Interchangeable core for easy rekeying
  • Rugged build for superior durability and attack resistance
  • Designed for easy installation and configuration
  • Built to meet ANSI Grade 1 durability requirements
  • Three models for different usage environments
  • Available with more than 30 specialty function arms
  • Quality built to ANSI Grade 1 standards, for proven security you can trust
  • Easy installation on doors that are not completely flat
  • Mounts directly on the face of the door, so it doesn’t require shims, cutting glass molding, or specially sized hardware and components
  • Flexible options, field reversible, and available in a variety of customization options, including exit alarm, cylinder dogging, and touchbar monitoring
  • Deliver maximum protection against forced entry without impeding easy exit
  • Allows fast, easy egress. Designed with fewer moving components, requires virtually no maintenance
  • Designed with a smooth appearance, with no exposed fasteners and low-profile end caps
  • Universal function and mounting holes; field reversible; available to fit a range of door sizes and types
  • Features integrated, audible alarm ensures that the door will only be used in an emergency.
  • Large print, simple emergency exit instructions in English and Spanish and a wide push bar surface make operation easy, even in the event of an emergency.
  • Durable construction for weather and water resistance.

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