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Mechanical Locks

9K Cylindrical Series


Quick installation, proven reliability and enhanced safety all make the 9K the grade 1 cylindrical lock of choice for many. But its wide compatibility with most large format interchangeable cores, regardless of brand, make it a legend. Whether you want to upgrade old hardware or fit out a new facility, the 9K is a great match.

Mechanical Locks


Hardened Steel Through-Bolt Studs

Maximum lever torque resistance that stands up to the hardiest hands.

Proven Reliability

Tested to exceed 20 times the BHMA Grade 1 criteria witnessed by UL. Independently tested to 50 times BHMA Grade 1 criteria.

Quick and Easy Installation

Pre-assembled heavy-duty chassis for easy installation right out of the box.

Intruder Deterrence

Secure classroom doors quickly from the inside during an emergency.

Cast Construction Lock Hub

Solid lock foundation protects against abuse and everyday wear.

Low-Profile Rose Design

Elegant, consistent, ADA-compliant lever operation in a variety of settings.

Easily Adaptable

Works with most existing non-interchangeable and large format interchangeable cores. No redrilling or rekeying needed.


The BEST 9k has exceeded 50 million cycles and counting, ensuring the premium performance and strength you need.

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Promote the safety of students, teachers and staff with the 9K’s easy-to-use access, egress and lockdown functions.


Keep government facilities secure and public servants safe by deploying the 9K.


Use the 9K to maximize mobility in healthcare settings while ensuring the safety of patients and medical professionals.

Retail & Commercial

Install the 9K to reduce the costs of staff and tenant turnover without sacrificing security.

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