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With the success of our recently released Wi-Q wireless solution, Omni lock is now scheduled for discontinuation on January 31, 2022 and will no longer be sold.

Wi-Q continues to be the premier wireless access control offering. Whatever the scale, from a few doors to an entire complex, Wi-Q delivers exceptionally efficient wireless electronic access control. A single networkable Wi-Q portal can connect up to 64 doors, while each Wi-Q door lock can handle up to 14,000 credentials.

We recommend you Wi-Q is a viable migration path from Omni Lock.

On January 31, 2022 the following products are impacted by this announcement:

  • Omni Lock:
    • 45HOM – Wireless Mortise Locks, 9KOM – Wireless Cylindrical Locks, OMEM – Electric Modules
      Supporting Products, Components, and Accessories:

      • OMWMS, QASOM, QAXOM, OMEM, Wireless Components, Parts and Accessories

For customers impacted by this announcement we would like to assure you warranty repair and/or replacement will be honored for Omni lock products for the foreseeable future.


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