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Precision Exit Devices



PRECISION exit devices have earned a reputation for strength in every situation—performing in even the most abusive applications.

Take control in the fight against back door break-ins with the PRECISION Arm-A-Dor Series

With so much depending on the security of a building’s rear exit, business owners simply cannot afford to install a standard exit device, alarm or deadbolt to the rear entry door. Installed by many of the nation’s largest retailers, the Arm-A-Dor Series is actually three products in one:

  • Locking bar protection for security from the outside
  • Built-in alarm to protect against inside theft
  • Panic device

This durable, pre-assembled, all-in-one exit device protects a facility’s most important assets, while maximizing life safety at the same time.

Precision Exit Devices




  • Four-point thru-bolt mounting for more secure construction
  • Two-point solid steel deadbolt latching feature resists forced entry
  • Integrated alarm triggers an audible signal when push-bar is activated
  • Locking bar extends onto the door frame upon closing


  • Wide push bar design enhances the user experience during egress
  • Easy-to-read emergency egress signage
  • Pre-assembled for standard 3′ and 4′ doors


  • Weather and water-resistant

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

In the school sector, security and budget are top priorities.
PRECISION can help you achieve both—without sacrificing one for the other. Our premium-quality panic and exit hardware give schools the access and egress they require. And because our products are durable—which means, long life cycles and minimal maintenance—the reduction in cost of ownership makes it well worth your investment.


PRECISION products have been a standard in government markets for more than 70 years. Our solutions have a proven track record in the government market, serving a wide range of applications and security requirements.
Our Security Government Program makes it simple for federal and state agencies to get the panic and exit hardware they need through the purchasing channels they prefer.


Regardless of the type of healthcare facility—hospital, assisted living facility, long-term care building or a physician’s office—your objective is the same: create a secure environment that is easy to maintain. PRECISION panic and exit hardware helps you do just that. Our products offer innovative features and provide the safety and security the healthcare market needs.

Retail & Commercial

With a broad selection of functions, styles and finishes, it’s easier than ever to suite across all types of doors in a commercial or retail facility.
Our solutions have a proven track record, serving a wide range of applications and security requirements. Because PRECISION products are made to last, property owners get the most out of their investment over the entire product life cycle.



UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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