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E Series


BEST mortise and rim cylinders feature the BEST interchangeable core and may be masterkeyed into any existing BEST system.

BEST cylinders may be altered to function with other manufacturers’ locks by use of different cams and different cylinder rings. Special cylinder variations are available for most applications. BEST cylinders are machined from brass or bronze bar stock and are available in a variety of finishes.



E Series Mortise Cylinder

Standard mortise applications require use of BEST’s 1E series cylinders with standard 1E-C4 cam.

E Series Rim Cylinder
  • Standard rim cylinder applications require the use of BEST’s 12E rim cylinder series.
  • The standard package for the BEST rim cylinder includes cylinder, RP 3 ring package, 1E-S2 spindle, clamp plate and clamp plate screws.
5E Utility Cylinder Lock

The 5E utility cylinder lock fits standard 3/4 diameter cylinder installations such as wood or metal desks, file cabinets, vending machines, utility and storage cabinets, elevators and security alarm control panels. The complete 5E assembly includes a combinated 3/4″ cylinder with cam, hex nut, lock washer and spacer collar. The 5E Series incorporates the following features:

  • Maximum mounting surface thickness: 5E utility cylinder locks may be mounted on surfaces with the following maximum thickness: 5E6 – 11/16″ & 5E7 – 27/32″
  • Keying: May be uncombinated, keyed individually, keyed alike or masterkeyed into a new or existing BEST standard masterkeyed security system.
  • Service: 5E cylinders may be recombinated and serviced onsite
  • Finish: 626 satin chrome only

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Deploy durable and trusted E Series cylinder locks for education applications.


Leverage the reliability and compatibility of E Series cylinder locks in a variety of government applications.


Improve lock security and durability in a variety of healthcare situations with the E Series.

Retail & Commercial

Get reliable and trusted cylindrical lock hardware for commercial use with the E Series.

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