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Wired Mechanical Locks


Our wired mechanical locks provide a unique way to lock and unlock the door from a remote location for safety, security or convenience.

The BEST 40HW, 8KW and 9KW electromechanical locks provide fail-safe (electrically locked) and fail-secure (electrically unlocked) operations through an individual switch, switch lock, relay, access control system or other automatic control system. More importantly, these locks exhibit the same features and meet the same standards and specifications as the BEST mechanical 40H mortise and 8K/9K heavy-duty cylindrical locksets.



High Security

Our W Series locks are precision engineered for greater strength and vandal resistance, and electrified for access control applications.

Heavy-Duty Materials

Manufactured from premium materials, BEST W Series locks withstand daily wear and tear and resist environmental degredation over time.

Long-Lasting Performance

We design our W Series locks for exceptional performance over the long term. From top quality materials to design features created to maximize durability, BEST electromechanical locks offer reliable, low maintenance use in the toughest applications.

Proven Reliability

The BEST W Series works in heavy-duty, high traffic applications where you need a lock that performs over time. Our electromechanical locks exceed ANSI grade 1 standards and incorporate design standards that ensure reliable functionality even with heavy use.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

We package our locks to facilitate swift installation and easy maintenance. With field configurable options and simple rekeying procedures, W Series locks make installation, retrofit, and maintenance easier.

The BEST solutions for your industry

Where it Works

Learning & Higher Education

Secure campus buildings with electronic access control built on BEST’s 40H, 8K and 9K mechanical locks.


Upgrade security at government facilities with electronic access built on BEST’s most durable mechanical locks.


Provide healthcare facilities with an additional layer of access security with BEST wired mechanical locks.

Retail & Commercial

Use wired access built on BEST’s most durable mechanical locks to bring additional security to commercial buildings.


Bright Brass Finish Swatch 605 605: Bright Brass
606: Satin Brass
Satin Bronze Finish Swatch 612 612: Satin Bronze
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish Swatch 613 613: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Bright Chrome Finish Swatch 625 625: Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome Finish Swatch 626 626: Satin Chrome
Brushed Satin Stainless Steel US32D Finish Swatch 630 630: Satin Stainless Steel
Dark Bronze Coated Finish Swatch 690 690: Dark Bronze Coated

UltraShield™ antimicrobial coating available

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