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Bring on the Crash Carts

BEST products are designed to withstand the high-traffic wear and tear that comes with quickly moving hospital equipment such as crash carts, gurneys and medical equipment through doorways.

Security with Safety
Security without Compromising Patient Safety

Healthcare security has to go beyond access control and adapt to the specific needs of patients. That’s why BEST offers a portfolio of behavioral health products that maintain ease of access at critical moments while still keeping staff and patients safe. In addition, all of BEST’s healthcare products are available with UltraShield™ antimicrobial finish coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent nosocomial illness.

Featured Products

Products Designed for Healthcare Environments

  • ADA compliant
  • Free-moving bi-directionally for suicide resistance
  • Electronic locks with fail-safe and fail-secure options
  • Heavy-duty durability and proven attack resistance
  • Accepts most large format interchangeable key cores
  • ADA-friendly lever operation
  • Universal case design allows for easy configuration
  • Visual indicators to show lock engagement
  • Full-faced armored front for increased durability
  • Maximize accessibility in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applications
  • Flexible integration with new or existing systems and actuators
  • Efficient, effective, and easy to use
Precision 100/200/300 Series
  • Built to ANSI Grade 1 standards, for proven security you can trust
  • Heavy-duty construction. An investment cast chassis and uncompromised materials ensure premium protection and performance
  • A range of architectural finishes and design
  • Flexible installation

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