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The Foundation of Mechanical Security

The unique way a key and core come together is the foundation of how every opening is secured. With our unique combinating and keying, our distributors can ensure keys and cores work together in a way that not only ensures the integrity of every opening, but also makes them easy to maintain and manage over the life of the product.

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BEST cores are the industry standard

  • Tight tolerances to provide the highest level of mechanical security and enhance the integrity of the lock
  • 6- and 7-pin options to allow for a hybrid solution and ensure greatest number of key combinations
  • Multiple shear lines allow you to build multi-level access
  • Brass alloy construction that is tough, strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Individually capped chambers for easier maintenance and service
  • BEST-constructed pin segments that help control tolerance and quality
  • Stringent quality control that ensures every part of the core and lock meet our industry-high standards

At BEST, we have patented and non-patented key systems that help you implement a robust and responsive security protocol.

And best of all, we have significant experience in the industry to help you develop a system and approach that is custom-tailored to your facility and your people.

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We offer a number of online tools that you can access quickly and easily, whenever you need it.

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