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BEST Peaks

For advanced solutions in key control and security, BEST offers Peaks, an adaptable and cost-effective patented keying system.

The patented mechanism ensures that cylinders and cores will only operate with the Peaks keys, which are only available through authorized BEST distributors. BEST Peaks is also upgradeable with BEST CORMAX or BEST Preferred components.

For traditional BEST interchangeable core applications, the 150 Series offers the security and convenience of a patented solution that will operate a wide variety of locking hardware, including cylindrical locks, padlocks, deadbolts and cabinet locks.

This series can be used to secure facilities utilizing other manufacturer's hardware. With the 140 Series, all cylinders can be keyed into the same system, providing you the ability to operate all the locks at your facility using a single key, regardless of the lock manufacturer.

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BEST Preferred

The BEST Preferred system is a patented system through 2024.

Backed by BEST's masterkey and key management expertise, the Preferred system is backwards compatible with all BEST Peaks systems, as well as other major brands of locking hardware, making universal keying system replacements or upgrades simple and economical.

  • Masterkeyed for convenience and customized access
  • Manufactured to stringent quality standards
  • Reliable and proven BEST interchangeable core technology
  • Easy to combinate and service
  • Utilizes industry standard key cutting equipment
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