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OMNILOCK Wireless Access Management

The OMNILOCK Wireless Access Management solution from BEST provides intelligence right at the point of access.

All information is stored at the door, ensuring access is never dependent on network connection or another system.

This intelligent product allows end users to control access to facilities from a central networked computer, remote workstations or VPN-connected devices. Accommodating up to 64 locks per portal and 14,000 credentials per lock, OMNILOCK is one of the most versatile and flexible solutions of its kind on the market.

And it does all this with only three components:


Configuration applications


Portal gateways


Wireless readers

Built on the BEST mechanical platform, OMNILOCK is easy to install and designed to withstand the daily use and abuse of openings in high-traffic areas. With 128-bit AES encryption, redundant data paths and adaptable configurations, OMNILOCK is ideal for any environment, including healthcare, higher education, government and commercial applications.

OMNILOCK is significantly faster than other solutions.

It beacons every 60 seconds for new updates—ensuring door intelligence is always updated in near real-time.

Wireless Access Controller

Provides wireless capability for hard to wire applications, retrofit capability for existing hardwired applications, and an easy path to control ADA auto-operated doors with a reader.

OMNILOCK integrates with Lenel OnGuard, Software House C•CURE 9000 and AccessNsite.

More integrations are being added in the near future.

OMNILOCK supports several configurations, including:

  • Cylindrical
  • Mortise
  • Mortise-with-deadbolt
  • Quick Adapter
  • Wall mount system
  • Exit device trim
  • Single door controller


BEST has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years. Today, BEST leads the industry with bold, innovative designs and smart solutions for your business and your customers.

Hardware Features


BHMA Grade 1 solution provides for robust, reliable security and mechanical performance


Quick installation on standard ANSI 115.2 door prep or exit device mechanical trim door preps—NO extra holes to be drilled in the door


Available in multiple configurations, including cylindrical, mortise, mortise-with-deadbolt, Quick Adapter, wall mount system, exit device trim and single door controller


Advanced options, such as integrated door switch monitor and request-to-exit switch (DSR), key override sensor (KOS) and latch switch monitor (LSM) on certain locksets

Software Features


128-bit AES and SSL encryption for total end-to-end security of data transmission, ensuring the communication between lockset and portal gateway is completely secure


Compatible with industry-standard credential technologies, including proximity card, magnetic card and PIN code authentication


Ability to accommodate up to 64 locks per portal gateway, with up to 14,000 credentials per lock


Full time zone integration with 176 time zone intervals/holidays per time zone


Ability to record, store and wirelessly forward the lock audit trail by date, time and use, including entries, entry attempts, tampers and time-scheduled access level changes

Knowledge Base

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